Monday, February 25, 2013

Creating a Custom Page Layout in SharePoint 2013

To Create a Custom Page Layout in SharePoint 2013 do the following steps:

  1. Create Content Type:
    1. From Site Settings select Site Content types
    2. Press button Create to create Content Type 
      Select parent content type from: Publishing Content Types
      Parent Content Type: Page  Layout
    3. Add the following fields to the content type:
      • LargeHeadline – Single line of text
      • RightHandBlurb – Multiple lines of text
      • LeftLinkList – Full HTML
      • LeftColumnTitle – Single line of text
      • LeftColumnText – Full HTML
      • RightColumnText – Full HTML
  2. Creating a Page Layout:
    1. Go to the Design Manager
    2. Edit Page Layouts
    3. Create a page layout
  3. Publishing Your Page Layout
    To publish your page layout, go to Site Settings –> Master pages and page layouts. 
    To publish your layout, click on the HTML file and then Publish this will reflect also in aspx:

  4. Creating a Page:

  5. Now we can publish our page.
  6. Customizing Page Layouts. There are two ways to grab the file: 
    1. Go to Design Manager –>3. Upload Design Files and map a network drive to your master page directory.
    2. Go to Site Settings –> Master pages and page layouts and you can download your file.
    3. Moving the snippets provided by SharePoint 2013 into the appropriate spots,  to customize layout page.

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