Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unable to modify navigation - Add heading/link

When I Try to modify Navigation in a site and add a heading, this is not working. When pushing OK, there is nor error messages appearing, but the heading is not showing up.
Problem missed navbar nodes of the onet.xml in custom site template.
  • Solution add NavBar nodes to onet.xml:<navbars>
    <navbar name="SharePoint Top Navbar" id="1002">
  • Wrote an SQL query to update the broken sites. T-Sql to execute in contentdbINSERT INTO [NavNodes] ([SiteId] ,[WebId] ,[Eid] ,[EidParent] ,[NumChildren] ,[RankChild] ,[ElementType] ,[Url] ,[DocId] ,[Name] ,[DateLastModified] ,[NodeMetainfo] , NonNavPage] ,[NavSequence] ,[ChildOfSequence])
    SELECT DISTINCT SiteId, WebId ,1002 ,0 ,0 ,1 ,1 ,'' ,NULL ,'SharePoint Top Navbar' ,getdate() ,NULL ,0 ,1 ,0
    FROM NavNodes
    WHERE WebId NOT IN (
    SELECT WebId
    FROM NavNodes
    WHERE Eid = 1002)
  • The query adds the SharePoint Top Navbar node to the NavNodes tables where a web does not already have one.