Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Upload Multiple Documents" option is missing in IE

if you found "Upload Multiple Documents" option is missing in IE do the following steps:

1) Browse to your website at http:///_layouts/settings.aspx; you will need to login by providing a service account name & password or your site collection administrator account & password.

2) Once you login, click on 'Site Actions' menu.

3) Then, click on 'Manage Site Content and Structure'.

4) Click on any document library you want to upload or add files into. If you do not see the 'Upload' menu from the dropdown main menu between the 'New' and 'Actions' menu then you have this bug as well showing up on your server. Don't give up yet, there is a solution. Keep going through these steps!

5) Click on 'New' and select 'Item'.

6) You should now see the Upload Document page; under the input browse field there should be a link for 'Upload Multiple Files...', if you do not see this you will need to install either Office 2003 or Office 2007. If you do see it, click on it.

7) Now, you should see the multiple upload page that allows you to select multiple files. If you try to select one or several and click on the OK button, nothing will happen. No need to worry! There is a work around. Just keep reading to the next step.

8) On the hierarchy navigation you will have links something like this:

WebSiteName > Folder1 > Folder2

9) Click on the "Document Library" folder name; in our case it was Folder1. Basically its the folder you ended up in in step #4.

10) Now, did you notice anyting in your menu change? Now you should be able to see the Upload menu option between the 'New' and 'Actions' menu that you could not see in step #4.

11) Click on the 'Upload' menu and select 'Upload Multiple Documents'

12) Now, you will be back at the Upload document page where you were in step #7

13) Select one file or many and then click OK. Now it works!!! You should get an IE popup asking you that your about to upload files to your site, Click OK.