Thursday, August 29, 2013

Move Search Components To Different Server in SharePoint 2013 Problem

I want to move search components from front end server to separate server, I used the flowing url:

After doing the following steps and checked search components, I found only crawled components moved successfully and others are suspended.

After investigations I remembered,  We did memory limitations for Fixing Performance Issue Caused By Node Runner In SharePoint 2013.
Memory limitations prevent creation of new search components successfully. I removed memory limitation and success to move search components.

Friday, August 16, 2013

SharePoint Migration Utilities

When I Migrated or revamped SharePoint I need to do some tasks help migrate old items, alerts, etc with new structure. I wroted some utilities to do these tasks using SharePoint API. I know there is many tools can do these tasks but here will find free utilities to do simple tasks.
Copy Files
Copy list Document libraries  and mapped old properties to new properties.

Copy Alerts
Copy Alerts from source web to destination Web

Copy Images
Copy Images from source image library to destination image library

Copy List Items
Copy List Items from source list to destination list

Copy Pages with resources
Copy Publish Pages between source and destination, Update layouts, clean HTML

Copy SharePoint Security
Copy Security between source and destination list.

Utilities help in migration tasks