Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Design View in SharePoint Designer 2013

Microsoft removed Design View from SharePoint Designer 2013. SharePoint supposed new 2 options for the display of information in custom formats, SharePoint 2013 provides us with two options: 

  1. JSOM (JavaScript Object Model)/JQuery Custom Format
  2. Application of custom display templates to the Content Search web part to display the cross site information.

But we still need to use DataView for these reasons:

  • Problem of first option we need to handle cases of client browsers and crawlers does not support client side.
  • Content Search web part is not up to date.
Although  Microsoft removed Design View from SharePoint Designer 2013 we can create dataview with Share Point Designer 2013. When started to do this i faced many problems like ribbon actions activated or dimmed unexpected, DataView is not exported correctly.

I found article helped me to solve my problem:

I found my problem. I created blank page, I should created it as BlankWebPart. After created page as BlankWebPart and Edit page it in advanced View(with advanced view I cannot edit the page).

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